24.04.2011 (5:42 pm) – Filed under: News

There is a message in there somewhere…anyhoo, Monday, April 25th is the final week before the Championship Round on May 2nd. Our contestants this week? Well, Paul Hartmann, brother of Phil and our XENO CEO for one. Anthony Turino, our XENO Tech Officer and Jr. Philologist for two. And Alex Stevens, the man who started it all back in 2007 with the Phil Hartman for Canada’s Walk of Fame campaign. Angel Rosenthal, our Sr. Philologist and COO is wearing all the hats this week – playing Alex Trebek, keeping score and acting as judge.

It promises to be a very, very interesting show to see who earns the right to move onto to meet Mark Rosenthal and Dale McCartney in our Championship Show where we will name our newest Philologist.

XENOVISION LIVE! Monday, April 25th at 7 pm PST/9 EST/10 CST right here at