XENOVISION is proud to give you a chance to learn about its projects and have you learn about our mission. We currently have five projects in various forms of pre-production, but XENOVISION is not just about making movies. We also act as the stewards for Phil Hartman, our Guiding Spirit: TEAM XENO administers many of the Facebook pages for Phil’s still growing fan base; we have also established the Phil Hartman Arts and Humanitarian Award, and are organizing an art auction and traveling exhibit of some of Phil’s famous and never before seen by the public art work that will open in the Hartmann home town of Brantford, Ontario in early 2011. There are also plans for a book about Phil and his art, as well as an oral biography about the forming of XENOVISION. One of our newest and most exciting projects is our weekly web series, XENOVISION LIVE!, which gives our fans a chance to hear the latest about XENOVISION from Paul Hartmann and the rest of TEAM XENO.

Here’s some of the things going on with our individual projects right now. Be sure to keep checking back for up to date news on our productions!
The Secret World of Edgar Screwhead
Edgar Screwhead is one of the two Phil Hartman projects under the XENOVISION banner. The original Edgar drawing will be on display during the upcoming Phil Hartman art exhibit, and limited edition prints will sold on ebay beginning in January of 2011. Edgar was drawn by Phil in 1967, as his poke at “the powers that be”. John Paragon, XENOVISION Senior Writer will be busy at work on the first Edgar script once his work on Broadway in The Pee Wee Herman show ends in January.

Yogi and the Kid
Paul Hartmann is busy at work on a short for Yogi and the Kid, the other Phil project for XENOVISION. Yogi and the Kid is the story of a wise Yogi and his charge, the young and rambunctious Kid. We’re expecting news any day now about a possible deal for Yogi to begin production. Be sure to check back to keep up to date!

Tony the Fist
Tony the Fist is Paul’s brainchild – a wild mixture of live action, CGI and puppetry that tells the story of what happens when a gifted designer returns home for his mother’s funeral and is confronted with his perfectly preserved childhood bedroom and toys. He falls asleep, and is transported into the world of Tony the Fist, Dash Intrepid, Fat Debbie, and Lord and Lady Mountbatten and their search for the last Tigillator. Tigillator, you ask? Part tiger, part alligator, and all tasty.

Bullets off Broadway
Bullets off Broadway is Paul’s not so gentle swipe at the military-industrial complex, in which all the characters are weapons or ammunition or some combination thereof. Here’s a sneak preview of the story treatment to whet your appetite:
The Premise- In the dark recesses of a fragile mind lives the story of a place like no other. Where a bad temper is the norm. A short fuse is expected. A hair trigger is desirable, and everybody has an explosive personality. This is a shoot first world where all the characters are bullets, bombs, rockets or missiles. Every character is named after a weapon, and they each adapt the personality or characteristic of the weapon. Bullets off Broadway has more bomb craters than Baghdad. More explosions than 007. More bullet holes than Beirut. Everyone gets blown up, assassinated or murdered. Again and again and again.
Needless to say, this one is NOT for the kiddies.

XENOVISION: Facebook, Fate and Phil
A reality series about the formation of XENOVISION. Paul Hartmann had been contemplating for years how to bring the two Phil Hartman projects to the public, but it wasn’t until he joined the Facebook social network and introduced himself to the community of Phil fans there that his dream became a reality. Paul first got involved with efforts to get his late brother a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame, and then he tapped two rabid Phil Hartman fans to assist him in forming XENOVISION.
The series will have interviews with TEAM XENO, Alex Stevens, the Canadian native that had been conducting a one man mission to get Phil his stars, as well as other fans, friends and family in telling the remarkable human interest story behind XENOVISION.

Every Monday night at 7 Pacific/9 Central/10 Eastern, XENOVISION LIVE! is the place to be – 90 minutes of chat and surprises about what goes on in the XENOTOPIA with Paul Hartmann and the rest of TEAM XENO. We’ll give our fans a chance to hear about our projects, remembrances of Phil, and give you an inside look at how our company is evolving. You can tune in every week at