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The first of our series of Phil Jeopardy shows kicks off Monday, April 11th to celebrate the final few weeks of our campaign to get Phil Hartman his star on Canada’s Walk of Fame! Three fans test their knowledge of all things Phil and vie for a spot on the Championship show May 2nd. Tonight’s contestants are Mark Rosenthal, Dale McCartney and Chris Glen, and Paul Hartmann will be doing his best Alex Trebek in hosting the show. Tune in for all the fun tonight at 7pm PST/9 CST/10EST right here at http://www.xenovision.ca/live


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There are 30 more days left to cast votes for Phil Hartman to get his star on Canada’s Walk of Fame! There have been so many fans, friends and family working so hard over the past year, and the final push will be strong. Vote today at http://www.canadaswalkoffame.com/nomination


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The first two Phil art auction pages are up on ebay! The first pieces we are featuring are a self portrait of Phil drawn in the early 70’s, and a male nude study drawn in 1968. These limited edition prints are available for $25 each, and proceeds will benefit three great Canadian organizations: the Red Cross of Canada’s Japanese Relief Efforts, Stedman Community Hospice in the Hartmann home town of Brantford, Ontario, and finally, Sheatre, the phenomenal alternative educational theatre group out of Kemble, Ontario.
More pieces will be put up for bid soon, so be sure to check back here and on our Phil Facebook pages for the links.



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Phil Phan Charley Deppner made contact with us today on one of our Phil Facebook pages, and shared his story of the inspiration behind the image we use. “I was trying to generate something where Phil is my version of a “Smiley”.

You know the thing I like about Phil’s likeness and the intent I had when trying to “capture” it is the fact his career and likeness always made me and many around me smile.”

Couldn’t have said it any better Charley.Thanks!


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Yes, XENOVISION LIVE! returns Monday March 21st with an all new show. Join TEAM XENO (Paul Hartmann, Angel Rosenthal and Tony Turino) and our special guest, Paul Carlsen. Paul will be sharing stories of his career in rock as an award winning engineer and producer with Nirvana, John Prine and countless others, as well as his long friendship with Phil Hartman and his brother John. Catch the show right here Monday at 7 p.m. PST/9 CST/10 EST at www.xenovision.ca/live


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This week on XENOVISION LIVE!, Monday, February 7th, it’s Brother to Brother with Paul and John Hartmann. John, the man behind the formation of the Eagles, as well as manager to some of the most important musical acts to come out of California during the 70’s and beyond, will be chatting with his brother Paul, XENOVISION Founder and CEO, about their lives, as well as about their brother Phil. Join us for this very special show this week at 7pm Pacific/9 Central/10 Eastern right here at www.xenovision.ca/live.


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Be sure to catch this week’s XENOVISION LIVE! with female rock pioneer Bell Piper as our guest. Bell was videographer, manager and consultant to groups such as Tantrum, UFO, The Scorpions and Michael Schenker Group. It promises to be a great show, so join us Monday, January 31st at 7pm Pacific/9 Central/10 Eastern right here at


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Well, it’s not live, but a rebroadcast of our conversation with noted rock and roll photographer Henry Diltz. See some of the most seminal moments of rock from the past forty years and hear the stories behind Henry’s famous images tonight at 7pm Pacific/9 Central/10 Eastern right here at www.xenovision.ca/live. We’ll return next week with another original broadcast, so be sure to check back on next week’s exciting guest!


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This week’s original Phil drawing is one of the pieces that will be included in the upcoming ebay charity art auction. We are going to be announcing the details for the auction and traveling exhibit which will kick off in Brantford, Ontario in March. Stay tuned for all the details!

Perspective Drawing


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This week’s show promises to be a special one, with our XENO CEO and founder Paul Hartmann sharing his memories of his brother Phil Hartman. Paul will be interviewed by Angel Rosenthal, our XENO COO and Chief Philologist. Tune in for an hour of special stories and talk with Paul and Angel on Monday, January 17th at 7pm Pacific/9 Central/10 Eastern right here at http://www.xenovision.ca/live/