The XENOVISION team is –

Paul Hartmann – Chief Executive Officer and Executive Producer

Paul began his career in the entertainment business in the 1970’s as a photographer and graphic artist, and then moved to the prestigious management agency of Hartmann and Goodman, representing many top flight music groups such as Crosby, Stills and Nash, America, Poco and Peter Paul and Mary. He then went on to form his own management agency in the late 1980’s, and left the entertainment business in the 1990’s to realize his passion for organic farming, establishing Cahuilla Mountain Farm in 1992. He relocated back to his native Canada in 2005, where he began formulating the plan to establish XENOVSION as the production company to realize the works not only of his late brother Phil, but Paul’s own creations of Tony the Fist and Bullets off Broadway. His extensive experience and contacts will be used to create our production schedule, manage the XENOVISION team , negotiate with investors and distributors and plan future company projects and strategies. Paul lives in Owen Sound, Ontario.

Angel Rosenthal – Chief Operating Officer and Coordinating Producer

Angel will oversee the coordination of all day to day business affairs of the company. She began her career in the banking industry, with a background in regulatory compliance, training and development and branch management. Angel then went on to serve as Lending Director and Executive Director for a not for profit community development organization before turning to a mid-life career change as a manager for Barnes and Noble Booksellers for five years and becoming a nationally certified massage therapist. She is excited to be returning to the management arena after her respite, especially with the prospect of working on the Hartman legacy, and is equally honored to be considered the Resident Philologist for XENOVISION, with a PhD. in all things Phil. Angel is from Chicago, Illinois.

Anthony Turino – Chief Technology Officer and Producer

Tony, as Chief Technology Officer, will oversee all XENOVISION systems, related to website operations and development, as well as interfacing and coordinating animation efforts on all projects. Tony has over sixteen years of experience in computer design and web interfaces, creating and building cross-platform systems for such companies as Apple, Zynga, Charles Schwab. Tony has his own company, 2D to 3D Conversion, and has also been instrumental in the revamping of the Holidgm Music System sites as the Holidgm CTO, under the direction of John Hartmann, the older brother of Phil and Paul. Tony is also the XENOVISION wizard responsible for the development of XENOVISION LIVE!, our weekly web series. Tony makes his home in San Francisco.

John Paragon – Senior Writer/Executive Producer/Director

John is probably best known for his role on Pee Wee’s Playhouse as Jambi the Genie. Paragon was in the Los Angeles improvisational group, The Groundlings, with Phil Hartman in the 1970’s and 1980’s, and was a frequent and favorite Hartman writing collaborator. John will be the head writer on The Secret World of Edgar Screwhead project and oversee scripts for all other XENOVISION projects. He is reprising his role as Jambi on Broadway in the fall of 2010 with the Pee Wee Herman Show. His other credits include guest starring roles on Seinfeld, and cult favorites such as Eating Rauol and UHF. Paragon collaborated as a writer and director with Paul Reubens on various Pee Wee Herman projects, as well as with another Groundling alumni, Cassandra Peterson, most famously known as Elvira on movie and television projects.

John has been involved with the Disney Corporation for several years as a script fixer. John resides in Southern California.

Mark Rosenthal – Writer

Mark joins XENOVISION as a staff writer. Mark began his comedic acting and writing career in high school, attending Larkin High School’s Performing Arts Academy in Elgin, Illinois. Mark then went on to graduate with honors from the Humber School of Comedy in Toronto, where he performed at many industry shows, Yuk-Yuks and in improvisational and sketch groups, training under such comedy legends as Joe Flaherty, Chevy Chase, Larry Horowitz and Allan Guttman. In 2009, Mark was accepted into the prestigious Second City Conservatory in Chicago, and completed the program in 2010. He still performs stand up and improv sets around the Chicagoland area, and even though he is Angel’s son, it’s not nepotism. He really is good. Mark currently lives in Chicago.